May 25, 2021
Hollee Card

Hollee Card is a Canadian born in Calgary.  I studied French Literature and Linguistics at Simon Fraser University.  


My father was in the Canadian Air Force and so we moved about every two years.  Being new in a high school for grade 11 was a difficult adjustment for me.  As I enjoy reading, I sought refuge in the library and the one bookstore in the town.  There I discovered a book which opened my eyes to a different way of looking and living relationships.  The book talked about authenticity and not needing to seem to have it all together.  That one could build such relationships with people with intellectual disabilities captivated my heart and mind.  From that book, I discovered an organization called L’Arche.  


Thirty six years ago, I joined L’Arche in Burnaby where I carried a number of roles, including Executive Director/Community Leader for 6 years.  From there I became the Vice National leader and then National Leader, a position I held for ten years.  After a sabbatical, I began to work on a special project for L’Arche Canada.  Last year, I was invited to consider coming to the Comox Valley to become the Executive Director/Community Leader for L’Arche Comox Valley.  I was happy to explore this possibility.  As of June 1st, I will celebrate my one year anniversary in the Valley.  In July, I will have been in this current position for one year.  I am grateful for this turn that my life has taken.