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Speed, high heels and good causes don't seem like a natural match, but they are all coming together at Tomato Tomato, the Restaurant, with "Heels for Hospice."

The parking lot is finally paved and you can once again wear your heels to lunch at the ComoxValley's favourite restaurant.  To celebrate, Tomato Tomato's Chef Drew Noble wanted to continue what the "Top Chefs" event started.  Every time someone has lunch at Tomato Tomato, from now till November 15, Chef Noble is ensuring a dollar is donated to Hospice.    

The Courtenay Rotary Club put on the "Top Chefs" event to raise funds for the Hospice Society's proposed compassionate care facility.   In fact all four Rotary Clubs in the Valley are working together to raise money over the next three years to ensure the new facility gets built.  

To make this fundraising eff ort more of challenge, Chef Noble decided to come up with a Heels for Hospice Express Lunch item. That is where the speed comes in.  He has created the 15-minute Tomato Tomato Hospice Guarantee.  If the daily lunch special does not arrive fifteen minutes after you order it, he will let you eat free.

Hospice Executive Director Terri Odeneal is excited about the prospect of a care facility where people can share those final days in a homelike setting. Odeneal is also pleased to have a committed board of directors who are volunteering their time and effort to make the fundraising for the facility a reality.

Come in your heels or your running shoes, but do check out the Express lunch at Tomato Tomato and help make a difference for the Comox Valley Hospice Society.  Tomato Tomato is open Tuesday through Saturday and is located at 1760 Riverside Lane in Courtenay.  Phone 338-5406 for reservations.