Bent Harder and Bob Thiesburger

Bent Harder and Bob Thiesburger from the Courtenay Rotary Club are headed to  their next mission. They leave for the Philippines on September 15 and return on Sept 29th.  Bent has been part of 5 Rotaplast missions to the Philippines, China, Venezuela, El Salvadorand Peru. Bob also traveled for the last two of these.

The purpose of Rotaplast is to provide free reconstructive surgery and treatment worldwide for underprivileged children born with cleft lips, palates and other deformities. 


A team of volunteer medical and non-medical people travel to the locations chosen. Plastic surgeons, anaesthesiologists, paediatricians, OR and recovery nurses, orthodontists and other professionals are typically included on the medical side of the team. The non-medical side includes about 10 people including a mission director, quartermaster, translators, record keepers, people to work the autoclave, transport patients and provide help in recovery and other wards.


The Rotaplast investment of 06/07 yielded treatment for 1415 patients, 1985 procedures and was valued at US$ 6,637,568 in donated medical services.


Results are dramatic. Lives are changed completely. Extreme deformities are removed and each person can live a life of less discrimination, emotional stress and limited job opportunitieshttp://www.courtenayrotary.com/