The Howies in Costa Rica

Can you guess what type of fish this is?Hola Rotarians from Costa Rica (that's hello in Courtenay English!!).We arrived in Costa Rica on November 15th and got our condo set up. Since then it has been 7:00 a.m. walks on the beach, watering plants, fishing, smoothies in the afternoon, and food, food, and more food. The economy is vibrant here and real estate is appreciating at a great rate. The problem is, there are so many things going on you do not know what to invest in!! It is hard to believe it is over 3 weeks now. We have Albena's relatives coming down on December 18th and staying (some) till the end of January. I may be back home, or stay in my Studio!!!!! The bottom line is: we are having a GREAT time. I just love it here in Costa Rica. If anyone is interested in coming down here, I have all the information.. See you in February..Yours in Rotary, Graham Howie