Pictured are, Director of the Vancouver Island Lodge, Darlene Orr, accepting a cheque for $5,000 from Courtenay Rotary Club’s “Books For the Cure” Chair, Liam Stackwood. The funds will be used to purchase queen sized beds for the Lodge.

The Vancouver Island Lodge is across from the Royal Jubilee Hospital. The lodge transportation service can pick up patients and take them to the nearby Vancouver Island Cancer Centre. There is also easy access to public transit, shopping, banking and entertainment.

Darlene will rest easier with the addition of the new beds. Dealing with sickness, combined with unfamiliar surroundings, has resulted in more than just one patient falling out of bed. On a different occasion, an elderly couple who hadn’t slept apart in more than 40 years were forced to do so, adding some extra stress unnecessarily. Thanks to Liam and the Courtenay Rotary Club, that will no longer be the case. The “Books For The Cure” campaign raised nearly $35,000 in the name of cancer research and our community.