Courtenay Rotary, Strathcona Sunrise and other mid-island Rotary Clubs provided financial and community support for the Youth Leading Reconciliation Conference, bringing together indigenous and non-indigenous youth.  Hosted by the Nanaimo Aboriginal Centre, November 7th, ten students from the Comox Valley attended a full day of discussion, workshops and activities involving Reconcili-ACTION.
Leading to a better understanding between cultures, they joined over 90 other students hailing from as far away as Victoria, Port Hardy, Powell River and Port Alberni. It was inspiring to see our youth prepared to get behind the headlines and the public rhetoric of reconciliation and make personal commitments to greater understanding themselves in this very positive undertaking.
reconcili-action image
Created by artist K.C. Hall, Heiltsuk First Nation, the Logo reflects the spirit of the YLR event. Indicating the rise of this generation’s youth is the arrow. Blue shards inside the arrow illustrates breaking the mold, making change. The hand symbolizes friendship.  The salmon/trout motif in the hand symbolizes the past generation passing knowledge and gifts through time to the youth of today, and respect, love, and humbleness. Red dots in the background are consuming the darkness of our past, which is the black you see. The frog represents growth/transition and sharing of knowledge.

Long Term Exchanges

Usually last one year, during which you attend school and live with families in your host country. To gain a greater understanding of the culture, you will live with at least two, preferably three, host families during your stay. To ensure your
safety, the host Rotary club conscientiously screens and selects all host families.
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