Our Rotary District stretches from Port Hardy on the tip of Vancouver Island, Canada to Wood ...., Washington with 86 clubs in total. Of 540 districts, we are the 5th largest. I am proud that we rank in the top 3 in donating to the annual fund. last year close to $700,000. was donated to Rotary Foundation.


I have a dream - that membership within this great organization will flourish. My dream is that all Rotarians, and others outside of Rotary will learn that we have an unrivaled network of men and women involved in service throughout the globe. Over 32,000 clubs like yours and mine sharing the same ideal for peace and goodwill in this world. Wherever you meet Rotarians we feel part of a wonderful family of friends who enjoy the fellowship and the good times, but we also share the spirit of optimism that world peace and care for everyone can come true.


Some may argue that apathy is the greatest obstacle to tackle big problems like poverty, peace, and the safety of everyone. But it's not apathy which often stands in the way of action. Most men and women see the need to address these large issues, but they do not know where to even begin to seek change. Rotary has that unique network to accept big challenges because we have that network of Rotarians throughout the world and we have experience in tackling these important humanitarian projects.


Rotarians are able to do much more than other groups because we seek action with our wallets, our legs and our voices. We give generously, we step forward and get directly involved and we make our collective voice known so that Rotary is able to speak with a strong voice.


"What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others lives on for ever."